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A weight loss program to suit everybody

How it works

DIY Weightloss Tools

Embark on your own weightloss journey for lasting success. Our online tools include meal plans, food lists, tips, and quick how-to videos.

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In-store Support

Trained Tony Ferguson Weightloss Practitioners, available at selected stores, offer advice, support, and guidance on the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program.

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Inspiration in your mailbox

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Easy. Tasty. Healthy.

Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program™ is an affordable weight loss solution based on current nutritional studies. Are you ready for healthy and delicious?

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How it works

Tasty and easy! Replace any two meals with a delicious Tony Ferguson shake or munch bar and eat a third protein-based meal.

A typical Tony Ferguson day

Kylie conquers

Kylie Fairley has transformed her lifestyle and discovered new things to love about her life.

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