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Program Principles

The Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program has a set of core principles to help you enjoy success from the start and to stay on track until you achieve your goal weight. We then provide you with a Maintenance Plan that will ensure that you keep the weight off.


Our program is simplicity itself. Forget calorie counting or complex meal routines, simply follow our healthy-eating program. Meal replacement shakes keep you satisfied for longer, while essential dietary supplements and plenty of water, fresh fruit and vegetables ensure your body gets everything it needs. See our typical day for more details.

Tasty and flexible

On the program, there are no tasteless weight loss meals. We aim to make weight loss both enjoyable and tasty. The combination of tasty and nutritious shakes and snacks, fresh fruit and vegetables are designed to be eaten anytime, anywhere. You can also chose when to enjoy a delicious, protein-packed meal of your choice. Our typical day will give you an idea of how tasty it is.


The Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program delivers results without breaking the bank. Check out our products to see the affordable, complete range.

Where else can you get a simple, nutritious meal for less than R20?

Support all the way

You are not alone. You can access trained professionals on our toll-free helpline and with a visit to our Facebook page you’ll find plenty of people just like you, all ensuring a healthier future. Get involved, discuss your concerns and find support; you could even make new friends along the way.

What next?

Once you have reached your goal weight we will provide you with a personalised maintenance plan called Freedom.  We introduce foods back into your eating plan which you have been avoiding while losing weight, while ensuring that you make healthier choices and in the correct portion sizes.  You are still welcome to visit your Practitioner as often as you like to ensure that you stay on track.

It is advisable to consult a doctor or healthcare professional for advice before starting a weight loss and/or exercise program.