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Determined Debby loses over 30kg!

In September 2012 Debby Partner started on a weight loss journey that changed her body and her life.

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Debby Partner, a travel counsultant on the East Rand, struggled with her weight from a young age. She managed to lose weight just before her wedding, but gained it again during two pregnancies. After a friend in the United States lost weight, Debby began to reflect on her own situation. She knew she had to make a change and soon realised that with determination and the right focussed mindset, she too could succeed.

We chatted to Debby to find out more about her amazing weight loss success.

Why did you choose Tony Ferguson?

I saw the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program advertised on TV. I looked into it but left it for a few months. Looking back now, I think I probably wasn’t mentally ready. Later, I finally made up my mind and decided this was it – I was going to give it a go. I had tried other diets but I had never tried anything with meal replacements, so it was something totally new for me.

How did you find the first few weeks?

Wallauicha de Wit, the Tony Ferguson Practitioner at the Boksburg Dis-Chem Pharmacies was excellent! She was so motivating and really encouraged me. I enjoyed getting to know the program and the shakes were really tasty. The first two weeks were a transition period. My body had to adjust to a different eating plan. I can’t say it was easy, but it wasn’t difficult to follow the program. I was very focussed and determined and I think this helped me get through that phase. I lost 3.8kg in my first week and that was a huge motivation for me!

How did you find the meals and sticking to the program?

From a mental viewpoint, I was serious and determined stick to it, so I gave it everything. When we went to friends for a braai or out to eat, I would make sure I had my protein and my salad. I would stay away from the carbohydrates completely. I bought both the Tony Ferguson cookbooks and really enjoyed cooking from them. Even my boys enjoy the meals. I particularly loved the unlimited jellies and the two ‘treats’ every week. You don’t feel deprived at all! I even managed Christmas and a holiday at the coast while on the program.

Did you exercise?

After four months of losing nicely, I reached a plateau. I never picked up weight but each week it was just a small loss. I decided to start exercising and immediately my weight started dropping again. This motivated me to carry on with the exercise. Wallauicha also helped me to switch out fruit and change around meals to speed up my metabolism.

How important is support during a weight loss journey?

Family is very important. We all had to make changes in our eating habits, but my husband Robbie was very supportive. He also stopped eating carbs at night. He complimented and encouraged me constantly. It was great to have that support.

Did you set yourself smaller goals, or focus on your goal weight?

I had a firm idea of where I wanted to get to, but I did break it down into chunks of 10kg. It sounds so daunting to think of 36kg, but if you break it down and achieve a 10kg loss and then another, it makes it seem more achievable, and it gave me the smaller challenges and achievements I needed to keep going.

My average weight loss over the period was 2.8kg per month and I lost a total of 36.4kg in 13 months.*

How has the Tony Ferguson Program changed your life?

It has changed my life completely! So many people have commented that I seem more confident. I love clothes shopping now, something I hated before. I am also so much more active now. I remember being tired and lethargic and not wanting to do much, but now I go to the gym three times a week. It’s a completely different lifestyle and I feel fantastic.

The Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program is exclusive to Dis-Chem Pharmacies.

*Individual Weightloss results may vary. Let one of our experts help you, contact us for more info and advice​.