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Success Stories

The Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program has helped thousands of people to manage their weight. Read some of our success stories* …

Ina Froneman

“Best of all is to buy clothing a few sizes less than I used to wear!”

I have been on the Program for 5 months – lost 21.3kg and 25cm.*
My experience has been: more motivation, better sleep, feeling healthy and being active. My eating habits have changed!
Day-to-day I experience no side-effects from the Tony Ferguson Products – no cravings! My benefits are feeling good about myself and looking good!

Hlengi Mdhluli

“Tony Ferguson has helped me to love myself again”

I started the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program on the 10th of January, this year, and I lost 14kg in two and a half months.* I had got to a point where I did not love myself anymore and it was a horrible experience. Nobody told me about Tony Ferguson – I found it myself on their website – reading the testimonials from people was just an eye opener for me – I have been on so many diets before and nothing was working. Tony Ferguson has helped me to love myself again and even more than before! I am all over the place – painting the town red while before I could not do that! I was just an indoor person and never had confidence with the way I looked. I have introduced the program to so many women that I work with and it is also working for them – it makes me so proud and happy!

Debby Partner

“It CHANGED my life”

So many people have commented that I seem more confident. I love clothes shopping now, something I hated before. I am also so much more active now. I remember being tired and lethargic and not wanting to do much, but now I go to the gym three times a week. It’s a completely different lifestyle and I feel fantastic.

Robyn Sonter

“I am less than half the person I used to be 18 months ago”*

People don’t recognise me. They walk past me or take a second look. Even I look at myself a couple of times before I realise that it’s me in the reflection in the mirror.


“I have lost 14 kilos in three months”*

I was able to go on the program even though I have Type II diabetes. It has helped control my sugar levels. I am never hungry and am now able to do a lot more things I wasn’t able to do before. It’s really improved my lifestyle and I now know so much more about healthy eating.


“I have lost 28 kilos in six months”*

I’ve told my friends about it and they think it’s great. They have joined in too and we have all lost weight. I now go for beach walks and I go to exercise classes. I couldn’t do any of that before.

Kylie Fairley

“I’ve changed completely and it’s brilliant”

Meet Kylie Fairley. Losing 35 kilograms has given her a new lease of life, a new attitude and a second chance. This keen motorcyclist is now sporting a great new set of leathers. Without a wake-up call from her doctor, her story could have been very different.

Tim Paine

“I’ve enjoyed having more energy and being fitter”

Tim watched his daughter succeed on the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program and decided to give it a go himself. Now 17 kgs lighter, he’s got more energy than ever and says that even his own mother didn’t recognise him when she saw him after his weight loss.

Donna Paine

“My health has improved so much”

Donna Paine is living proof that the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program works for young people. At just 21, she’s proud of her new size 10 body and even prouder that she rose to the challenge and achieved her goal.


*Individual Weightloss results may vary. Let one of our experts help you, contact us for more info and advice​.