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DIY Online Tools

Start here to embark on your individual weightloss journey for lasting success. The tools include meal plans, food lists, tips and advice and a series of how-to videos.

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Tony Ferguson Extreme

Lose weight fast

A unique eating plan that limits your daily food intake to help you lose weight fast.

Choose this plan to stimulate faster and more efficient fat burning.

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Tony Ferguson Classic

Steady weightloss

A comprehensive program to help you to adopt good eating habits and provide guidance towards a sustainable lifestyle change.

Choose this plan if it is your aim is to make steady progress to your weightloss goal.

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Tony Ferguson Accelerate

Kickstart weightloss

A more controlled eating plan, designed to fast track your weightloss.

Choose this plan to achieve a smaller weightloss goal in a shorter time.

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Watch before you begin

Tony Ferguson at a glance

The Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program has a set of core principles to help you enjoy success from the start and to stay on track until you achieve your goal weight.

What is Tony Ferguson DIY?

Tony Ferguson DIY is a comprehensive set of tools to help you achieve your weightloss goals.

Which plan should I choose?

One of our experts talks you through choosing between Classic, Accelerate and Extreme.