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Getting Started FAQs

Read the most frequently asked questions about joining the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program

I’m wanting to lose weight, but what costs are involved with the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program?

If you choose to join in person at one of our centres, there is a once-off membership fee of R100 (including VAT), which gives you access to full support, including:

  • your consultation with a trained Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program Practitioner
  • access to selected Dis-Chem Pharmacy® for guidance and friendly advice
  • regular progress weigh-ins at any of our participating centres
  • advice and support from a Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program Practitioner who will be able to help keep you on track and answer any questions you may have.

Please visit your nearest selected Dis-Chem Pharmacy® for current product prices.

What service will the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Practitioner provide?

When you join, your Practitioner will go through the program with you, this will include:

  • explaining the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program
  • having all your questions answered
  • being given all the information you need
  • having your weight, waist and height measurement taken
  • helping you to determine a goal weight that you would like to reach
  • selecting your shake flavours, and other products
  • providing you with a Tony Ferguson Weightloss Book to purchase.

Thereafter, your Practitioner will hold weekly or fortnightly weigh-ins, will be there to answer any questions and will help you to get your next supply of shakes.

How many meal replacement sachets do I have to buy/purchase at one time?

There is no minimum purchase requirement but we recommend that you purchase enough product to last for the first week.

We have decided to reduce the range of shakes.

There are 5 flavour choices; mix-and-match them as you like to keep your diet interesting. Our flavours include:

  • five dairy-based shakes: banana, strawberries & cream, chocolate, espresso and french vanilla.

How important is it to use the multivitamin and mineral supplements during the program?

Our shakes provide a significant portion of your recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. However, to make sure that you’re getting everything you need, it’s important you get the remainder from the non-shake third meal of the day and the Tony Ferguson Multivitamin Mineral Complex.

Will the product interfere with any medications I am currently taking?

The products are unlikely to interfere with any medication, but losing weight will almost definitely interfere with your medication dosage. We strongly recommend that once you’ve lost 10 kg that you visit your doctor, as it may be necessary to reduce the dosage of some medications e.g. medications for high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. Please consult your doctor before embarking on our program and also read the Health Considerations for more information.

Can I go on the program if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are unable to go on the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program. The program doesn’t provide sufficient energy and nutrients to sustain both mother and baby. Do talk to us once you stop breastfeeding, as it’s the ideal way to lose those baby kilos.

Can I go on the program if I have kidney (renal) problems?

If you have kidney problems, you may take part in the program provided that you do not have specific protein or fluid restrictions, or your doctor hasn’t asked you to make other specific dietary modifications. If any of these are the case, please obtain written consent from your doctor, then come in and see us.

I have high blood pressure; can I be on the program?

Yes, this program will help you to lose weight and, in addition, may assist with your blood pressure. Your doctor should monitor your condition on a regular basis.

If I have had a heart attack or stroke, can I go on the program?

Yes, but only six months after your stroke or heart attack. You will need to get permission from your doctor to go on the program and your doctor should monitor your condition on a regular basis.

Will the program boost my sex life?

As your weight reduces and your energy levels increase, you’ll feel much better during any type of physical activity, including sex.

Can children use the program?

We will accept children over 16, as long as you have the approval of your doctor and legal guardian, and have passed the pubertal growth period. Our program will help educate children about healthier lifestyle options, making it a positive change for good.

NB: Please consult your doctor or healthcare professional for advice before starting on a weight loss program.