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Becoming A Member

Becoming a member of the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program is easy. Simply visit your nearest selected Dis-Chem Pharmacy®.

Professional Consultation

Your consultation with a trained Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program Practitioner.

Exclusive Access Dischem

Exclusive Access

Access to selected Dis-Chem Pharmacies for guidance and friendly advice.

Regular Reviews

Regular Reviews

Regular progress weigh-ins at any of our participating centres.

Expert advice and weightloss support

Expert Advice & Support

Advice and support from a Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program Practitioner who will be able to help keep you on track and answer any questions you may have.

Tony Ferguson Call Centre Access

Call Centre Access

Access to our call centre Practitioners.

When you join, your Practitioner will go through the program with you. This will include:

  • explaining the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program
  • having all your questions answered
  • being given all the information you need
  • having your weight, waist and height measurement taken
  • helping you to determine a goal that you would like to reach
  • selecting your shake and munch bars flavours
  • providing you with a Tony Ferguson Weightloss Book to purchase
  • Thereafter, your Practitioner will hold weekly or fortnightly weigh-ins, will be there to answer any questions and will help you to get your next supply of shakes and soups.

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