Four steps to better health

We all know that it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle in this fast paced world we live in. Between balancing your career, and seeing to the wellbeing of your family, it can all become quite overwhelming.

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Here are a few simple steps to simplify your journey:

1: Eat Correctly

Nutrition forms a very important part of your overall wellbeing. Step 1 in the journey to better health is making sure that your body receives all the necessary nutrients it needs to function optimally. Take the time to assess your current diet and eating habits. Are you eating the correct foods and are you eating enough of it? Cut out the foods that do not add any nutritional value to your body’s well-being.

Action Step: Simply choose which Tony Ferguson Program you want to follow (Classic; Accelerate or Extreme) on our DIY platform; click “Find out more” and you will find the free “ 7 Day Meal Plan” and other resources created by the Tony Ferguson nutrition experts at the bottom of the page. These simple eating plans will guide you to eating better and losing weight, so that your body can perform at its peak.

2: Exercise Regularly

Many people tense up just at the mention of exercise. You’ve hated exercise as long as you can remember and you find a myriad of excuses not to do it. But keeping your body active with regular exercise is important. Take baby steps, start by doing things that you like and do it consistently. A brisk walk around the block a few nights a week is a great way to launch into your new health regime. Don’t expect to suddenly be filled with a love for exercising. It will most likely take time. The best you can do is to keep at it.

Action Step: Getting healthy is easier, and much more fun, if you do it together. Ask a friend or family member to join you for a brisk walk or jog. Support each other when you get tired and take the journey to better health together.

3: Be Accountable

Sustained good health is a journey not a destination. It will get tough sometimes. Some months you will see great results, and other months not so much. Make sure that you have a strong support system to help you along. Explain to your close friends and family the challenges you will face and ask them to help you stay motivated throughout your journey. If you’d prefer, you could also find an online community to celebrate the highs and get you through the lows.

Something else that is important is to hold yourself accountable for your actions. A busy schedule, fatigue and many other factors may influence your willpower and make you lose track of your goals. Practice self-control and discipline yourself to stay on track.

Action Step: Start a buddy system. Find a friend who understands your goals and is willing to support you throughout your journey. Hold each other accountable during challenging situations and celebrate victories together.

4: Stay Motivated

You’re on your way to a new healthier version of you. Remember why you started this journey and don’t stop until you’ve reached your destination of good health. A good habit to have is to celebrate your victories. Even the little ones.

Action Step: Reward Yourself. Small rewards can provide the incentive you need to keep going. Set goals and reward yourself when you achieve them. Rewards could include a massage, a round of golf or even a new pair of jeans. Celebrating your successes can strengthen your resolve to keep going. Let’s get healthy together!

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