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Weightloss Supplements

Essential dietary supplements formulated to support you on your Weightloss journey by addressing related factors such as digestive health, cravings and more.

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Tony Ferguson Fibre – Powder

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Tony Ferguson Fibre – Capsules

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Tony Ferguson Fibre

Tony Ferguson Fibre is a 100% natural dietary fibre supplement that is an essential component of the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program. It contains both soluble and insoluble fibre, including psyllium husks, oat bran and oat fibre to prevent constipation.

Tony Ferguson Fibre contains Red Clover which helps to promote healthy skin, hair and nails and Slippery Elm which assists in soothing the digestive tract.

The Tony Ferguson Fibre is available in capsule and powder form to accommodate all tastes and preferences

It can be easily added to a shake, a recipe from the Tony Ferguson Cook Books or one of our online recipes.

The recommended dosage is three capsules twice daily or two heaped teaspoons of the Tony Ferguson Fibre powder per day. It should not exceed the maximum of six teaspoons per day or nine capsules twice daily. Remember to drink plenty of water while using fibre supplements to further aid your digestion.

Tony Ferguson Multivitamin Mineral Complex

Tony Ferguson Multivitamin Mineral Complex

The Tony Ferguson Multivitamin Mineral Complex is a dietary supplement which contains a range of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that your body requires while on a controlled carbohydrate Program.

Each tablet slowly releases its nutrients over an eight-hour period to ensure maximum absorption by your body and to keep you in good health.

While some multivitamin tablets have fillers, such as wheat, rice or yeast, our formula has none of these, as they can set your weight loss progress back.

One Tony Ferguson Multivitamin Mineral Complex tablet should be taken once a day with a meal, preferably in the morning.

Tony Ferguson Chromium Plus

Tony Ferguson Chromium Plus

Overcoming cravings can be one of the biggest challenges when trying to lose weight. Tony Ferguson Chromium Plus works with the hormone insulin to help stabilise your blood glucose levels, which helps relieve your body of any carbohydrate cravings that you might experience.

Tony Ferguson Chromium Plus contains vitamin C, which helps your body to absorb the chromium, as well as cinnamon, which also helps to regulate blood glucose levels. Vitamin C and cinnamon are also anti-oxidants that neutralise free radicals in the body.

To prevent cravings, the recommended dose of the Tony Ferguson Chromium Plus is one tablet, taken daily at the time your cravings are usually most prevalent. If you’re experiencing cravings, you can take up to three tablets a day.

Tony Ferguson 3-Day Detox

Tony Ferguson 3-Day Detox

The 3-Day Detox phase of the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program will assist in physically and mentally preparing you for Weightloss.

The Tony Ferguson 3-Day Detox contains 100% natural ingredients. Taking the effervescent tablet in water 3 times daily for three days will help you rid your body of unwanted toxins. As they are packed full of antioxidants, the detox effervescent tablets will also help to promote good health and overall wellbeing.

The Tony Ferguson 3-Day Detox contains Aloe Vera to promote skin health, as well as Dandelion Root Extract which will help rid your body of excess water.

Detox at the start of your Weightloss journey to kick start Weightloss and you can detox up to once a month thereafter to cleanse and rejuvenate your system and encourage continued Weightloss.

Tony Ferguson Thermoburn

Tony Ferguson Thermoburn

Previously Tony Ferguson Sinetrol XPUR

Tony Ferguson Thermoburn is a natural, clinically tested fat burning solution. The main ingredient, Sinetrol XPUR, is formulated with fruit extract from citrus fruits such as orange, blood orange and grapefruit found on the Mediterranean Shores. It promotes the burning of body fat and its effectiveness has been proven in 2 clinical studies.

To optimise Weightloss, take 2 Tony Ferguson Thermoburn tablets daily, preferably one with breakfast and one with lunch, in conjunction with a balanced eating plan. Choose the plan which best suits you from any of the three nutritionally balanced Tony Ferguson Weightloss meal plans.

Before use, always read the label and instructions provided on the back of the package and in the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Book. If you have any health conditions or concerns, consult a healthcare professional before starting any new weightloss or exercise program.